Agriculture is bursting with innovation. From new crops to new work methods, the way we farm today will be a far cry from how we do it in 50 years’ time. As our agricultural industries move to navigate constant change and improvement, innovation will be the key to long-term sustainability in agriculture for the modern-day farmer. It all needs to start somewhere, which is why we have revamped our inventions competition to give rural innovators and entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their smarts.

Rotary FNQ Field Days has overhauled our Innovation area for 2019 event, with the introduction of new junior categories and our seniors will have more impact with mentoring and further assistance to provide the first step for entrepreneurs to move forward in their business.


  • 1.Provides the first step for entrepreneurs to move forward
  • 2.Promotes future rural innovations & inventions at a ground level to potential national platforms
  • 3.Entries are open Australia wide in all categories


Category One

Primary School Students, Ideas for Future of Agriculture

At this level the aim is to simply promote create ideas for future rural ideas.

Students must create something physical that captures their ideas for ‘Future of Agriculture’ examples: posters, sculpture etc. we have no limits to creativity.

Category Two

High School Students, Ag Tech

This category is open to all high school students to enter. Entries must be based on the topic of Agriculture Technology example: identifying efficiencies using tech, new tech concept etc.

Agriculture Innovation

Category Three

Business Innovators

This category is open to businesses who have produced a product, improvement to current practices, or any innovation that relates to agriculture and its ag business areas.

Sub categories

  • - Rural Safety
  • - Rural Efficiency
  • - Rural Innovation
  • - Overall category

Category Four

New Machine of the Field Day