Vintage Static Tractor Display

The Vintage Static Tractor Display showcases theold Machinery collectors from as far a ’field as the Burdekin and Biloela will be steam-rolling their way to the Rotary FNQ Field Days – ‘Tired Iron’ display enthusiast Toby Atkinson predicts the largest ever Field Days display of these wonderful old machines – many still working!

The wheezing, chuff-chuffing, smoking, working engines at the Tired Iron Display evoke an era when life on the land was really tough.

Kerosene and coal-fired farm engines, steam-powered tractors, pumps and pulleys – many working as well on-display as they did in the 1890’s or very early in the twentieth century, over one hundred years ago.

Kerosene and steam as a farmer’s preferred energy sources lingered long after the introduction of Diesel-power, which eventually dominated farm machinery. But the diesel off-take in Australia was initially very slow – due to it’s German origins. Bitter memories of the Great War meant that farmers (and ‘townies’) needed a lot of convincing on the merits of diesel

In addition to the big Burdekin and Bilolea contingents, Tired Iron collectors from Townsville, Ingham and all across the Tablelands will be represented at the event. ‘By far, our biggest turn-out yet’ says Toby Atkinson.